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Hunter Retrievers For All Hunters

As a hunter, you may be interested in finding the right companions for your hunting excursions. At Down South Gun Dogs we offer retriever puppies, fully trained retrievers, and started retrievers chosen from among the best litters around.

Please check out our collection of hunting retrievers here.

Training Services

We offer three levels of hunter retriever training to get your dog up to speed with hunting practices.

Basic Obedience

Our Basic Obedience training course takes only two to three weeks to complete and includes simple commands. Our basic training program can also help eliminate some of your canine’s bad behaviors.

Boarding Services

Going on a vacation and don’t want to leave your canine alone? Our dog boarding services are ideal for any owner that wishes to give their canine high-quality boarding under the supervision of experts who are passionate about canine care.

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We also offer premier veterinary services for hunting retrievers. All of our Down South Gun Dog family members receive frequent checkups and care from Dr Liz Morgan and her staff at the Audubon Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian can also offer to give your dog a checkup and ensure they are in tip top hunting shape. Your canine’s health is of utmost importance, and you can look after it with our veterinarian’s help.

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